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CELTIC FROST - Rehearsals 1984-1987

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 8:39 pm    Post subject: CELTIC FROST - Rehearsals 1984-1987 Reply with quote

It's the maniac from Germany again Wink
At the time I check my tape and CD-R and mp3 archives to compile all available rehearsal recordings from CF (and HH).
From the 7-1984 rehearsal, I have the shitty "Return Of The Evil Tales" bootleg CD only, added the missing "Nocturnal Fear" from another (not really better) source.
First question: Is there a better source available out there ??? The version on CD suffers from many drop outs...I have also two different rips of that rehearsal session, but both sound much more bad compared to the it would be killer to find the best possible source for it !!!
Next rehearsal must be also from 7-1984, but with a different tracklist (10 tracks in total, including "Messiah" in another version as on the "Buried And Forgotten" E.P.) sound, no real flaws and deficiencies here, but two tracks are unusable (damaged tape), so 8 in total are really good.
Third one is a rehearsal, recorded in August 1985. It includes "Into The Crypts Of Rays" and "Circle Of The Tyrants", but both are full of sound holes (on "Circle" for example, a nearly 20 seconds part is missing). The entire recording runs too fast (no problem to fix it) there another version out there without the errors ???
Oh...and then the 6-1984 rehearsal, including some jam session and the most prominent "Messiah" rehearsal version...some tracks I have on the bootleg CD, some collected from other sources...and I got a complete rip, but it is very overloud (no way to repair or restore)...I am looking for a good rip of the entire session...must be circulating, cause I got two tracks (not overloud and distorted as my rip, but incomplete and with a lot of hiss)...does anybody know ???
Last but not least the "Summer 1983" HH rehearsal recording where they played "Revelations Of Doom" over and over again and joked between the different takes...I got it on mp3 only (and it is also very overloud)...
That's all I could find all the there more rehearsal material out there ??? Would be cool to know more about possible sources !!!

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Zane Reed Johnson

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I don't know if you are still posting or now, but I can't believe I missed this. To try and help by year:

1984 - You mention pretty much all the rehearsals that exist within the trading circles. It's amazing to listen to the "Morbid Tales" songs develop in that time span. In "Are You Morbid", Tom mentions that there existed a rehearsal tape with Isaac Darso (the only one made) with the layout of a brand new song. Unfortunately, the tape was lost and nothing more became of the song.

1985 - The August 1985 "2 Song Rehearsal" is all there is, I think. I've never come across any others in any trading circles.

1986 - Tom's mentions in the "Are You Morbid" book that there existed a cassette tape made with Martin and Reed in the fall of 1986 with rehearsals of songs that would make up "Into The Pandemonium" (minus any vocals). This was submitted to Noise Records, but it appears that it was never returned to the band. I'm not sure if it was ever recovered by Tom when he worked on the remasters with Noise back in 1999?
Zane Reed Johnson
Triptykon/Celtic Frost/Hellhammer Webteam
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