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'Only Death Is Real' cover
"Only Death Is Real -
An Illustrated History Of Hellhammer
And Early Celtic Frost 1981 - 1985
[Hardcover Book] (2010)
'Demon Entrails' CD cover 'Demon Entrails' LP cover
"Demon Entrails"
[Deluxe 2-CD edition] (2008)
"Demon Entrails"
[Triple LP edition] (2008)
'Death Fiend' demo 'Triumph Of Death' demo 'Satanic Rites' demo 'Apocalyptic Raids' EP
"Death Fiend" [demo] (June, 1983)
"Triumph Of Death" [demo]
(June, 1983)
"Satanic Rites" [demo] (December, 1983)
"Apocalyptic Raids" EP (1984)
Additional compilation appearances:
'Apocalyptic Raids' EP 'Death Metal' LP 'Metal Massacre V' LP
"Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D." (1990)
"Death Metal" Compilation (1984)
"Metal Massacre V" Compilation (1984)
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