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Zero Tolerance Press Release:

In a rare cover-feature interviewTom Gabriel Warrioronce of Celtic Frost and now headingTriptykonspeaks to Swiss surrealist visual artist HR Giger for Issue 026 of the UK’s ‘Zero Tolerance‘ magazineThe interviewconducted by Warrior over two sessions at Giger’s Zurich home,is an intimate and revealing look at the artist’s life and workwhich has included Oscar-winning designs for the film ‘Alien‘, not to mention numerous paintings and sculpturesmany of which have graced album covers such as Celtic Frost’s ‘To Mega Therion‘ and ‘Heartwork‘ by CarcassDuring the interviewGiger reveals to Warrior just how he feels about the use of his art on album coversand much more.

Warrior’s interview with Giger is the inaugural feature in the first of an all-encompassing two-part special on the relationship between extreme music and visual artAmong those sharing their thoughts on Giger and beyond are Jello BiafraCradle Of FilthDarkthroneand Satyricon.

The interview is illustrated with exclusive photos of HR Giger and Tom Gabriel Warriortaken at Giger’s home by Doralba Picerno.”

More information can be found at Zero Tolerance Magazine.

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