arte TV documentary featuring interview with Tom Gabriel Fischer:

As part of an a new six-episode documentary series about the evolution of the music scene in the 1980s, German/French TV stationarte is set to broadcast episode 5, titled: ?Gothic, Industrial & Black Metal?, on TuesdayAugust 252009, at 10.55pm CET. This episode features new interviews with bands such as Killing Joke or Cabaret Voltaire as well as clips from an interview conducted with Triptykon‘s Tom Gabriel Fischer about the emergence of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost.

Further information can be found on arte’s website:

Welcome to the 80’s – Episode 5: Gothic, Industrial & Black Metal
Written and directed by Tom Theunissen, 2009.
TuesdayAugust 252009, at 10.55pm CET.

The broadcast will be repeated by arte on SaturdayAugust 29, at 03.00am CET, and by German TV station ZDF on Thursday,September 3, at 06.05pm CET.

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