Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Warrior interviewed by Swiss Church publication reformiert:

reformiert, the monthly German-language publication of the evangelical-reformed church of Switzerland and one of Switzerland’s largest publications (with a circulation in excess of 719,000) features, in its latest print and online editions, a thematic examination of the topic of “evil”.

Among the personalities interviewed for the feature are Hans Saner (philosopher and journalist), Eugen Drewermann (theologian and psychoanalyst), Frank Urbaniok (head physician of the psychiatric-psychological department of the judiciary enforcement of the State of Zurich), Claudia Wiederkehr (federal prosecutor), Werner De Schepper (former chief editor of the Swiss tabloid “Blick” and vice president of the media commission of the Swiss episcopal conference), Ulrike Zöllner (associate professor for applied psychology), and Tom Gabriel Warrior (singer/guitarist of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon). Each one of the interviewees is represented with an approximately 300 word summary of a dedicated and far more exhaustive interview.

“Das Böse” (“Evil”) in the online version of reformiert

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