The following piece was originally posted today in Tom Gabriel Warrior‘s “Delineation II” blog, entitled “Wounds“:

“As we emerge from Triptykon’s bunker, the weather has undergone a dramatic change. Forceful autumn winds and wild gusts of rain have not only transformed the meagre remaining daylight into a mesmerizing blue-grey haze, they have indeed changed the entire atmosphere outside. It is as if the weather, by some invisible power, is emulating the music we are working on.”

“My face immediately becomes drenched with rain, but I embrace it. It feels utterly refreshing. Enwombed underground, behind massive concrete walls, the endless hours of rehearsing and arranging these songs at full concentration and excessive volume has worn me to the point of pain. And now, within moments, the burden is vanishing, much like the ragged silhouettes of low, dark clouds that race by in the evening sky.”

“It hasn’t been easy to get to this point. But when the band is playing these new songs, it sounds astonishing. The album will be extremely colourful. And all of these colours will be dark.”

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