The following piece was originally posted today in Tom Gabriel Warrior‘s “Homewards“:

“The view across the street from Prowling Death Records Limited’s office in North London, photographed in the course of a rainy November during the early days of Triptykon.”

“Prowling Death Records was founded in early 1983 in my bedroom in Nürensdorf, Switzerland. I created it to release the first Hellhammer demos, “Death Fiend” and “Triumph Of Death”. In December of 1983, we used it as a label for the final Hellhammer demo, “Satanic Rites”. Resurrected in 2005 in the course of the re-emergence of Celtic Frost, the label became Prowling Death Records Limited in late 2009.”

“In the years since 2005, Prowling Death Records, in a licensing cooperation with Century Media Records, has served as a label for albums and EPs by Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon. It will also be the label behind Triptykon’s forthcoming album, again in cooperation with Century Media Records.”

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Prowling Death Records

7 Manor Road
St Albans
Hertfordshire AL4 8JG
United Kingdom
Company House # 7094652