Triptykon renew affiliation with Twisted Talent Concerts

Triptykon feel honoured and very delighted to announce a renewal of the band’s long-standing affiliation with German concert agency Twisted Talent Concerts in Dortmund (

The professional cooperation with Twisted Talent Concerts dates back to 2006, when Celtic Frost embarked on its final and most extended tour to support the highly acclaimed Monotheist album, encompassing 125 concerts around the world. Upon the termination of Celtic Frost in 2008, Twisted Talent Concerts remained the concert agency of choice for Tom Gabriel Warrior’s successor project, Triptykon, and, as such, contributed significantly to Triptykon’s reputation as a morbidly incomparable live act.

Tom Gabriel Warrior’s personal affiliation with Twisted Talent Concerts dates back even further, i.e., to the months after the release of Celtic Frost’s Morbid Tales album, in 1984. The band’s need for a drummer following the album recording sessions ultimately prompted the first contact with Jörg Michael, who would later become one of the founders of Twisted Talent Concerts.

Triptykon are thus very happy, both personally and professionally, to return to Twisted Talent Concerts, and to embark on a new creative chapter together.

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