Hellhammer signed test pressing charity auction.

To bid on one of these items please visit this link https://hellhammer.lnk.to/ARTP

Tom Gabriel Warrior:

Hellhammer’s first professional release, the “Apocalyptic Raids” vinyl EP of May 1984, was quite a schizophrenic release. It was defined by utterly morbid glory on one hand and numerous problems and hamfisted imperfection on the other, and its conflicting legacy wasn’t always easy to digest, even for the very band members who wrote, performed, and recorded its music – myself included. And yet, “Apocalyptic Raids” has decisively shaped my musical life up to this day, and it’s legacy can still be heard even in some of the music I am writing with my current band, Triptykon.
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of “Apocalyptic Raids”, we are making available for auction the original vinyl test pressings of the recent “Apocalyptic Raids” re-issue. All proceeds from this auction will be donated to a charity whose work is, in my humble opinion, crucially important and deeply valued: @animalequalityuk
There are five test pressings, and the five corresponding auctions will be started in intervals in order to take into account the various time zones and to therefore give everyone an fair chance to participate.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who were there 40 years ago and to the many who came later. I owe you everything.

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