The Official Hellhammer Burial Site
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This is the Official Hellhammer Burial Site.

This site has been created by those who were directly consumed
by the entity known as Hellhammer.

This site is being referred to as a "Burial Site" because Hellhammer was
"born" in 1982 and "died" in 1984.

Hellhammer will never be resurrected...

...will never be reformed...

...will never return in any capacity to create, record,
or play music live in any setting...

...because it was a band entirely existent within its time.

Despite all this, the legacy of Hellhammer has left a lasting impression on both
the extreme metal community and within the band's former members.

To commemorate the history of Hellhammer since releasing its three
influential demos - "Death Fiend", "Triumph Of Death", and "Satanic Rites" -
the casket was reopened briefly. Two significant releases now serve as the band's
final statement, and Hellhammer has been permanently laid to rest...

...but although Hellhammer has been buried... will never be forgotten...


First, the three demos have been officially released for the first time ever on a
comprehensive double CD and triple vinyl collection entitled, "Demon Entrails".
This release has been specially re-mastered from copies of the original master tapes
under the supervision of founder Tom Gabriel Fischer. The demos now represent
Hellhammer exactly as the band sounded when recording these songs in June and
December of 1983. Drawing from a wealth of previously unknown historical material
and artwork as well as hundreds of unreleased Hellhammer photos from 1982
to 1984, "Demon Entrails" features all lyrics and essays detailing the individual
demo recording sessions. "Demon Entrails" is available as an opulent oversized
double CD and as a gatefold triple vinyl album. Both versions feature a lavish
booklet and a poster. There is also a third, bare-bones low-price CD version,
designed to cater to markets which will not carry the standard CD due to its
irregular size. This was released in February 2008 through Prowling
Death Records
/Century Media. It can be ordered at


Second, a comprehensive history of the band has been released in a book written by
Tom Gabriel Fischer entitled, "Only Death is Real - An Illustrated History Of
Hellhammer And Early Celtic Frost 1981 - 1985
." The book was released in
March of 2010 by US publisher, Bazillion Points. The book may be ordered at As of 2010, the book is now in it's
third printing.

The book covers the history of Hellhammer, Grave Hill (1982) and
early Celtic Frost (until after the recordings of "Morbid Tales", 1984 to early
1985). It is not solely a band chronology. The book places the story in both the
context of the local and international metal scene in the early 1980's and in the
band's surroundings in Zurich.

The archives of guitarist/vocalist Tom Gabriel Fischer ("Satanic Slaughter")
and bassist Martin Eric Ain ("Slayed Necros") provided the basis for the book.
Additional contributions came from original bassist/co-vocalist Steve Warrior
("Savage Damage"), both main Hellhammer photographers, Martin Kyburz and
Andreas Schwarber, and collectors ranging from Japan, Europe and the US.
In addition to rare notes, photos, and flyers, the book includes all artwork relevant
to Grave Hill, Hellhammer, and early Celtic Frost. Although primarily written by
Fischer, additional and extensive commentaries are provided by Ain, Warrior, former
former drummer/bassist Stephen Priestly ("Evoked Damnator"), and former
drummer Bruce Day ("Denial Fiend/Bloodhunter").


Hellhammer's role in the rise of extreme metal cannot be denied. Without realizing it,
they created a legacy that has endured to this day. These two comprehensive
releases serve to properly document that legacy.

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