Triptykon add festivals to summer schedule:

Triptykon are very proud to announce the band’s appearance at this years’ Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway, onAugust 28, 2010. Tom Gabriel Warrior: “The performance at the Hole in the Sky Festival was one of Celtic Frost’s most memorable concerts of the entire “Monotheist” tour in 2006,…

Triptykon press release:

For immediate release: Alle Triptykon-Fans, die den Tag der Veröffentlichung des ersten Triptykon-Albums “Eparistera Daimones“ nicht abwarten können, bekommen ab dem 15. März 2010 die Möglichkeit, das Album in Ihrer nächstgelegenen Saturn-Filiale anzuhören. Und so funktioniert es: An der Infothek…

Triptykon press release:

We feel extremely honored to be able to announce Triptykon’s first concerts in Japan. These shows will be part of the Extreme The Dojo Vol. 25 tour, and Triptykon will play as double-headliners withNile. The special guest for these concerts will be German group Obscura. The Extreme The Dojo Vol. …

Triptykon’s radio debut:

Triptykon will make its radio debut this weekend, as Full Metal Jackie will debut the track “A Thousand Lies” (from the forthcoming album, Eparistera Daimones) on the Full Metal Jackie syndicated radio show. Go to to find a station near you.


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