Triptykon announce “Melana Chasmata“ details

Triptykon’s second album, Melana Chasmata (rough translation: “black, deep depressions/valleys”) will be released on April 14 (Europe) and April 15 (North America), 2014, through Century Media Records/Prowling Death Records Ltd. Like its predecessor Eparistera Daimones, the album was produced by Triptykon’s singer/guitarist Tom Gabriel Warrior and guitari…

R.I.P. Oliver Withöft

R.I.P. Oliver Withöft, co-owner of Century Media Records; long-time collaborator with Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon; and licensing partner to Prowling Death Records.


The following piece was originally posted today in Tom Gabriel Warrior’s “Delineation II” blog, entitled “Consumed”. “Even the stars in the night sky appear faint, a year after my demise.” “We transferred to V. Santura’s Woodshed Studio near Landshut in southern Germany, a few days ago. It was a protracted and sometimes challenging drive through yet anoth…

“Visions of Mortality“

The following piece was originally posted today in Tom Gabriel Warrior’s “Visions of Mortality”: “These are photos I took on August 3, 2013, almost exactly 30 years after Hellhammer released the Triumph Of Death demo. They depict the remnants of the somewhat fabled Grave Hill bunker, the former rehearsal room of Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, in Birchwil, S…


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